2. センター日記
  3. Tsuwano’s built heritage: Tawara-Kasen sake brewery


Tsuwano’s built heritage: Tawara-Kasen sake brewery

The sake brewery that started business in the Kyouhou period (1716-1736),  but the current building was built at the beginning of the Meiji period (1868-1912). On the two sides of the shop a ishou-gura (clothes storehouse) and a dougu-gura (tools storehouse) was built. The shop is a two storey building with a wooden structure. The style of the roof is called kirizuma-zukuri with pantile roof tiles and a smaller roof attached along the facade of the building. The first floor has a big white facade and three mushi-ko-mado style windows. On both side one can see sode-udatsu, which are small walls jotting out of the surface, to prevent the spreading of fire from the neighbouring buildings.

The shop is hard-packed floor, and on the right of the counter a path leads to the back of the sake manufacturing place. The residence part of the building on the left has a center garden, and a visitor’s toilet remains, a fashionable show of wealth in the late 19 century. The painted old sugi wooden doors from the domain lord’s palace are still preserved on the premises. 

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