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  3. Tsuwano’s built heritage: Tago family gate


Tsuwano’s built heritage: Tago family gate

Prefecture Designated Cultural Asset

The front gate of the Tago family, Tsuwano domain’s chief retainer. It was built after the 1853 fire (6th year of Kaei period ), with the monomi-yagura (observation tower) on the left and guard house on the right still preserved.

The retainer’s estate stretched all the way to the foot of the mountain, but with the building of the national railway system and the Sangyou-road (industry road, now called Takaoka-road) after the war, it was divided to smaller pieces. In the back of the land (currently between the road and the train tracks) a Edo period 2 storey building and connected garden remain.

Monomi-yagura: observation tower, in the sense that the high ranking samurai would watch the festivals from inside the tower. The strict cast system did not allow for the mixing of different social levels, thus the domain lord and high ranking samurai would not watch festivities together with the average samurai. It is a watching tower, rather than a watch tower.

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旧津和野藩家老多胡表門  (県指定)