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  3. Tsuwano’s built heritage: Tsuwano Town Hall


Tsuwano’s built heritage: Tsuwano Town Hall

The building was built in 1919 (8th year of Taisho period) as the government office (town hall) of Kanoashi district. It was also used as police station at one time, but since the Shouwa merger of towns and villages in 1955 (30th year of Souwa period) it has been the town hall of Tsuwano.

Since then, not much has changed on the outside, its faced was preserved nicely. It follows the style of Japanese public buildings of the period, with both wings jotting out of the main building, with the Byodoin Temple’s Hoo-do hall (National Treasure) as an inspiration. 

The main gate was that of Ouoka the chief retainer of Tsuwano Domain. The gate was taken out and preserved off-site at the beginning of Meiji period (1868 – 1912), and put back to its place in 1917 (50th year of Meiji period).

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