2. センター日記
  3. Tsuwano’s built heritage: Furuhashi brewery


Tsuwano’s built heritage: Furuhashi brewery

It said that the sake brewery was founded in 1878 and the current building was erected in 1921. A wooden 2 storey structure that together with the other shops on the old street have quite high floor heights. A western style wing with stone foundation remains, which gives it a wayou-secchuu style. 

The premises of the sake brewery start at the main street called Honmachi-street and reach all the way back to the other side of the block, to a street called Yorozumachi-street. The 23 ken (72 m) long building has a long white wall facing the side road of Imaichi-street on the north side. This long white plaster wall and the Mt. Aono in the background is one of the scenic views of Tsuwano.

(wayou-secchuu 和洋衷 わようせっちゅう: a blending of Japanese and Western styles)